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Posted on May 23, 2016 by Tricia P. | 1 comment

The Prado Family Pic Hey there! I’m so excited to introduce my little family to you! A little about me: My name is Tricia. I’m 25 years old, a Navy brat, wife of James, mother to Evelyn and James (the second, not junior), a former ballerina, current foodie, Latin nerd, rock climber, and part-time student. We live in Moscow (It’s pronounced like coe – this isn’t Russia.), which is way up in the skinny part of Idaho, nestled amongst beautiful rolling hills. If you thought Idaho was all potatoes, you should find a photo of the Palouse. It’s pretty spectacular.

James and I met in college. He is the youngest of three kids and only boy. He currently works as the Director of Client Services at an economic modeling company here in Moscow. Really, the most I know about his job is that he gets to fly to places like New York, North Carolina and Maryland to wine and dine his customers. He’s great about snapping photos of each course of his dinner and sending them to me while I eat chicken nuggets with the kiddos (‘Cause if dada’s out of town, why cook? Am I right?). He and I both have an affinity for yummy food so I always love getting the photos.

My Evs is a joy and bursts with fun and energy every day. She’s two-and-a-half years old and has been go, go, go, since she was about 7 months. As soon as she learned to crawl she began scaling the furniture in our little, two-bedroom apartment. I would emerge from our minuscule galley kitchen to find her, not on her play mat where I had left her, but perched on the back of our giant arm chair watching the birds and cars go by our window. The same thing still happens only now I come around the corner to find her at the top of our stairs…on the outside of the banister! She currently loves to color, blow bubbles in the park, watch excavators (pronounced “ex-a-vader”), and help feed the kids (baby goats) that some friends of ours have.

Her little brother, James, is now 10 months old and is just starting to move and groove. He started crawling this week and is much happier now that he can get to where he wants to go, which is usually to me. Little man is a pickier eater than his sister ever was. If I let him, I’m sure he’d subsist only on avocados. He loves to say dada, clap, wave goodbye, and play peek-a-boo. Bedtime is not his friend, but he sleeps like a champ once he goes down, for which this mama is very grateful.

I’ve just begun on this journey of motherhood and I’m excited to share the laughter, tears, struggles, lessons, and joy that it brings. 



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Brenda Stout (mawmaw)
Brenda Stout (mawmaw)

June 30, 2016

Evie also teaches her mawmaw new songs. Love this family. Just miss them so much

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