Mother of 6 Goes From Idea to #1 New Release on Amazon in Less Than 40 Days

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Every mom looking for a more comfortable way to carry their baby has just been offered an opportunity to acquire a unique baby wrap. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by SnuggBugg – a company dedicated to producing baby wraps which are both child and mom-friendly. SnuggBugg recently announced the launch of its debut baby wrap – the SnuggBugg Baby Wrap.Lisa Baby Wrap

The SnuggBugg Baby Wrap is patterned after the popular Moby wrap. However, it is specifically crafted to be lighter, easier to use, more durable and far more comfortable for both mom and baby.

What gives it these attributes are a combination of an ingenious design and unique fabric.
The SnuggBugg Baby Wrap is made out of a fabric which consists of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This offers two advantages. First of all, it gives the baby wrap more stretch. This makes it wrap snugly around the body of the infant – thus making them more comfortable. It also lessens the weight on the back of the mother – thus making the mother more comfortable.

The extra stretch also means that the SnuggBugg is much shorter and lighter than the Moby wrap (which is made of 100% cotton). This makes the SnuggBugg much cooler than the Moby (users of the Moby often complain that it becomes uncomfortably hot especially when used in the summer months). The coolness further adds to the comfort of both baby and mother. The stretch also makes the SnuggBugg Baby Wrap more durable than its Moby-counterpart.

The baby wrap features a unique, single-piece design which requires no buckles. This makes it easy to use and user friendly for both baby and mother. Baby carrier buckles are known to irritate babies by pressing against their tender skin. The snapping sound is also startling to some babies. The absence of such irritations makes The SnuggBugg baby wrap all the more comfortable.

Amazon Baby Wrap PageAccording to sources at SnuggBugg, the baby wrap was designed by a mother of 6 who was looking for a more comfy way to wrap her baby close to her, while leaving her arms free to attend to her other children. As such, it meets the specific needs of moms, a fact which has made it increasingly popular with parents. Within just 45 days of release, it has become the number one New Release on Amazon in the Child Career Slings category. Many moms are giving glowing reviews on the SnuggBugg Baby Wrap, all of which can be read on its Amazon product page:

Ultimately, the SnuggBugg Baby Wrap is the perfect solution for a mom who is looking for a simple, easy-to-use, comfy and durable option for carrying their baby. The baby wrap is available in gray – a color which makes it blend perfectly with any color the mom wears. If you want to find out more, or make a purchase, you can visit SnuggBugg’s website:



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