SnuggBugg Adjustable Child Safety Latches [6-Pack]

  • FREE E-BOOK - "How to Bond With Baby", a $15 Value 
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY - Our sweet little ones are curious and full of energy. Let’s keep them safe as they explore and learn in our homes. Keep them out of areas that may be dangerous or contain objects that could do them harm.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - These child safety locks were designed to work in many different scenarios. They are adjustable and flexible. You can use them on cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, toilets seat, and the list goes on.
  • HELP OTHER BABIES - A portion of the profits from these toddler safety latches are donated to Camp Firefly, a summer camp for terminally ill or seriously ill children and their families. Buy here and help us give back!
  • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - With strong, flexible plastic that works on flat surfaces or around corners, and 3M adhesive that holds on longer than your little ones, you can rest assured that these latches will provide safety and peace of mind for years to come.
  • INSTALL IN UNDER 3 MINUTES WITH NO TOOLS - Measure the length needed, remove the adhesive strip, and attach. Easily opens with one hand for adults, but is difficult to operate for toddlers and small children.
  • BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're unhappy with your purchase of these child safety locks for any reason send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We’ve all been there, you’re in the kitchen cooking with your little ones and the phone rings. You leave the room for less than a minute to pick up the phone and when you return the yogurt that was in the fridge is now painted on the kitchen walls. If only there was a way to safely lock your refrigerator in a simple way that wouldn’t keep you out, but would help keep your little ones out. Now there is.

These child safety locks are designed with the functional family in mind. Parents can get into locked areas with ease while energetic and curious toddlers cannot. Keep life going at the pace you are used to and never worry about having to clean yogurt off the walls again!

Designed to be installed in under 3 minutes with no tools, you don’t have to worry about complicated instructions and difficult installation.

Whether it’s yogurt from the refrigerator or baking soda from the pantry, it’s easy to reduce the mess with the SnuggBugg toddler safety latches

Used, tested, and proven by a mother of seven, you can trust SnuggBugg baby products.

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